Our Advantage:

Loving in-home care with the professional experience of a Registered Veterinary Technician - bonded and insured for extra peace of mind. Chantelle McCracken, Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) is a graduate of Northern College and a proud member of the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians (OAVT)



To provide owners with a safe and secure alternative to boarding kennels. No matter how cosy the overnight accommodations may appear, it still isn’t home.


Our passion for allowing pets to remain in their own environment and maintain their daily routine is the motivation for this pet sitting business.



Advantages to in Home Sitting:

Stress free environment. Your pet(s) will remain in their safe, secure and familiar environment where sights, sounds and smells are recognizable.


Your pet(s) daily feeding and exercise routine remains consistent with their regular schedule.


Your pet(s) will not experience confinement to cages or enclosed spaces for long periods of



Your pet(s) will not be in jeopardy of contracting illnesses or parasites from unknown animals.


Older pets are able to stay comfortable and stress free in their home and the trauma of travel and unknown surroundings are eliminated.


Any medication administration is performed by an experienced and professional Registered Veterinary Technician.



Our Pet Sitting Promise:

We understand your pet is a cherished member of your family and promise to provide the utmost superior care for your furry loved one(s).


You can travel worry free and with peace of mind knowing your pet(s) are in capable and trustworthy hands.




September 2022
All inclusive luxury dog boarding!
510 Burr Road
Ameliasburgh, ON
K0K 1A0

Service Area:

Prince Edward County and The City of Belleville